Thursday, December 11, 2008


Words. I am having a hard time producing them.  There has been some massive rupture in the thinking process.  I read. I read.  I read all this academic jumbo and I can scarcely put together a sentence any longer.  Worse yet, I do not know why it is that I might want to put together a sentence.  

I have lost almost entirely my sense of a transcendent logos outside of time that made wordsmithing sensical.  I am alone with my words, my broken syntax, my empty longing to connect and to communicate.  I want this blog to be anonymous.  Hoping that there might be some way forward... 

Perhaps, empty communication might bring back words to me.  In this sense blogging might become somewhat of a prayer.  But a prayer to the empty, merciless, chaos of cyberspace. 

Should I rather write a friend?  


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