Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have been trying to learn grammar as a therapeutic activity. It is my theory that my general sense of incompetence stems from my inability, to stop slicing sentences with commons. However, I find grammar books to be very moralizing. Some of the moralizing I can identify with. For instance, I do think that over use of the passive voice or phrases beginning with "it is" or "there are" can hide agency. "There is a lot of sludge in rivers." "The rivers have been polluted." These sentences ignore agency.

However, all the talk of our Fall into bad grammar seems to be a tad bit over dramatic. I am interested only in the declension that happens to nominatives. Not, so much other narratives of grammatical declension.

I will let you know if I begin to find some peace of mind and a stronger sense of self in my grammatical exercises.

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