Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tonight is just a ticking time bomb.  The house an absolute disaster; I want to clean it desperately.  But, B and A are away,  there is a glut of dishes that have to be done before I can start, and dollars - to -donuts M will wake up before I've even filled the sink.  Plus, I have a sermon to write. Plus, I have two dissertation chapters to finish.  I know, I know, why waste five minutes on this stupid blog?   I just am overwhelmed by tasks that absolutely can't ALL be finished in this current space/time continuum.  And, to make matters worse, I am the most scattered, ADD, flighty mess of a women in the whole entire world!  And, to make matters slightly more worse, I am not one step closer to actually learning grammar, and I can't find my lost library book.  ARGHHHHH! AND ARGHHHHH! AND ARGHHHHHH! 

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