Thursday, April 1, 2010

lisping and all

"Redeeming love has been my theme and will be 'til I die..."

The line is found in a hymn--There is a Fountain Filled with Blood.  I have every theological reason to hate the hymn. Yet, I was listening to a wonderful arrangement of the song by the husband and wife duo Welcome Wagon.  The line, familiar once, blew through me like an updraft in a hollow barn.  So that's it!  There it is stated simply enough.  It captures that Les Miserable moment; the one where the priest forgive Valjean setting his redemption in motion and the redemption of a myriad of others.   

If I haven't been in a depression since my Mom died, I have certainly been in a recession.  I have stood on Dover Beach.  Writing a Palm Sunday sermon was a struggle.   Proclamation was a struggle.  It is not that I have stopped believing.  Those closest to me know that I still believe it all.  It is just that uncertainly sucks the life out of me.  This line reminded that the centre does really hold.  I believe that people can change.  That I can change.  That love can change impossible situations.  God is redeeming love and I can, by God's grace, be transformed into it.  

This I believe today and I will believe tomorrow and I will believe it until this poor, lisping, stammering tongue lies silent in grave.

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